Introduction to How I Combine Elliott Wave and Hurst Cycle Analysis

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How You Can Use Fibonacci to Improve Your Trading

Recommended Guest Article: How You Can Use Fibonacci to Improve Your Trading By Wayne Gorman, Elliott Wave International Chapter 1 – The Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral A refresher on Fibonacci numbers Chapter 2 – Fibonacci Ratios / Multiples and the Golden Section How the Golden Ratio is connected to the Wave Principle and […]

How the Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

Every trader, every analyst and every technician has favorite techniques to use when trading. But where traditional technical studies fall short, the Wave Principle kicks in to show high-probability price targets. Just as important, it can distinguish high-probability trade setups from the ones that traders should ignore.

Why Use the Wave Principle?

In this video, Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman uses real headlines, actual events and charts to provide a comprehensive look at what the financial media say drives the markets and why their “fundamentals” are usually wrong. And more importantly, you’ll learn why Elliott wave analysis is your best tool for forecasting the markets.

Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar – July 2020 | A Free Look at our New Algos

Every quarter, we here at record a webinar that gives an in depth look at our Premium Plan Nightly Algo Report, which includes nightly conditions on dozens of tradable items. We’ve been particularly excited about the July webinar because the re-optimized 3-year backtest on our algorithms have improved results across the board, as long as slightly larger stops than normal are used to accommodate the generally elevated VIX levels of 2020.  A link below will allow you to download our algo-stats sortable Excel spreadsheet so you can see the backtest and optimization results for yourself. All aspects of the Premium Plan are covered in the webinar recording, and Sid adds additional detail about current market conditions, important future trading dates, and much more. Check out the video and feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested in receiving the Nightly Algo Report. Thank you and happy trading!

Exciting New Improvements to our Premium Plan Algos for Subscribers

We want to keep our most valued subscribers up to date on what is going on behind the scenes here at  We are currently re-optimizing the Nightly Report’s algo trade signals to the most current 3-year backtest (6/30/17 thru 6/30/20). Initial backtesting and optimization indicates that the algos generally need to utilize larger stop-losses during recent high volatility. Our combined Elliott Wave and Hurst Cycle roadmaps suggest that higher volatility will continue to be the norm moving forward.  We will be holding the Quarterly Premium Plan webinar within a few days to showcase the results of our backtests and re-optimizations. The results after utilizing larger stops thus far have been very positive and are likely to improve future automated trade signal results. We are working feverishly day and night to finish updating the algos, and should be ready for the quarterly Premium/Crypto Plan webinar very soon.  Here are a couple of examples of before/after charts.