Trend Following vs Algo Trading

Every Elliott Wave Plus subscriber receives our trend following charts each night following the close of the U.S stock market. We believe that these trend charts are valuable trading tools, and everyone should be aware of them. But does that make it a perfect system? The short answer is…no.

We take a look at our Daily Trend Report charts in direct comparison to our Nightly Algo trade signals. They might look similar, but the Algo signals have one major advantage. You’ll see why in the video below, which is an excerpt of the previous week’s webinar. Premium Plan subscribers receive the Nightly Algo Report every evening, as well as weekly access to Sid’s Elliott Wave “counts” webinar, bi-weekly screenshots, and the Daily Trend Report. 

Trading Using Elliott Wave – Technical Analysis on Baltic Dry Index – Shipping Sector

Trading Using Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Plus took a deeper look at Baltic Dry Index during the November 8, 2020 weekly-webinar. Pro Plan subscribers were pleased to see an immediate jump, specifically in the shipping sector just one day after the webinar. Check out the excerpt below. Be sure to subscribe for more in-depth technical analysis. Below is a list of items routinely covered by Check out our other resources on educational Elliott Wave trading.