All About Our Premium Plan Automated Trade Signals

We’ve made significant improvements to our Premium Plan algorithmic trade signals. Our 3-year back-testing and re-optimization, and algo enhancements has been completed for Dec 1 2017 thru Dec 31 2020, and the results may surprise you!  Every quarter, Elliott Wave Plus performs extensive re-coding and backtesting on all aspects of our proprietary algos. We then produce those backtest results via a sort-able excel spreadsheet, which is free and downloadable for everyone. A link to download the spreadsheet is provided below. Also, Sid just held an hour long webinar entitled “All About Our Premium Plan Automated Trade Signals”. This in-depth recording covers everything you need to know about our flagship subscription offering, and how to best utilize the nightly information provided to subscribers.  This is a great tutorial for both new & long-time subscribers! Check out the video and download the spreadsheet.