Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar – January 25, 2022

It’s the first quarter of 2022, which means you’re in luck! The quarterly premium-plan webinar is now available for everyone to watch! If you’re new to Elliott Wave Plus, this is a chance for everyone to view an in-depth webinar where Sid goes over everything our premium plan subscribers get on a nightly basis! Every 3 months, Elliott Wave Plus reoptimizes it’s proprietary algos to the most current 3-year backtest results. In this blog, you will see all of the items covered on the nightly algo report, and which items have had the best results. Spoiler alert, the S&P-500 equivalent (SPX ES) had some amazing results! There were plenty of interesting topics discussed during the live webinar, so we encourage you to watch the entire video. Also, Sid has a special promotion for anyone interested in his most recent 4+ HOUR weekly counts webinar, where he goes over all of his Elliott Wave counts and associated Fibonacci price targets, for many of the world’s major stock markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds. Hurst Cycle analysis is also considered on virtually all items.

The Premium Plan consists of:
Nightly screenshots on over 20 trading instruments (stock index futures, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc.), showing the most recent momentum buy/sell signals, change stop to trailing indicators, and/or exit trade suggestions. Please visit ElliottWavePlus.com to see the full list of items covered.
Sentiment positioning on all items that contain sentiment data.
A nightly summary report including algo signals, sentiment conditions, Sid’s Elliott wave roadmap, and Hurst Cycle analysis on twenty items.
A nightly email letting subscribers know that today’s signals are available to view and download.
You’ll also be able to download a sortable excel spreadsheet showing the most recent 3-year backtest results. This sortable chart shows everything!

Dow Jones Industrial Average | Comprehensive Technical Analysis

Dow Jones Industrial Average – Comprehensive Technical Analysis
Today’s video post is an excerpt of our January 2, 2022 weekly Counts webinar for Pro and Premium Plan subscribers at ElliottWavePlus.com.  This excerpt consists of Sid’s highly detailed coverage of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Sid starts by showing a cluster of several long-term Fibonacci targets in the 41-44K range on the Dow.

Sid explains that all this market needs to produce that grand Supercycle wave 3 top is a completed 5-wave structure up from the March 2020 low into that long-term target range.  At this juncture, it appears that a 5-wave non-overlapping impulse is well underway from that March 2020 low.  Hurst cycle analysis is current projecting that a major top will occur in the Dow in approximately late-May 2022.  The Hurst projected top on the highly correlated S&P-500 is a little later, in late-Sept 2022.