Has Boeing Stock (BA) Completed Five Waves Up From The 2009 Low?

Many Elliotticians believe that the US stock market is nearing the end of fives waves up from the 2009 low.  Let’s take a look at several large-cap Dow components for clues, starting with Boeing (BA).

The following is my Elliott Wave interpretation of Boeing stock (ticker BA) utilizing a combination of Elliott Wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets, and Hurst cycle analysis. (Click on the pic to enlarge).

Once the eight-year five-wave impulse is complete, a significant multi-year correction is likely to follow.  A common retracement target would have Boeing stock (BA) returning back to the extreme of wave 4 at one lesser degree (@ 102.10).

This is the first in a series of posts featuring my analysis of individual large-cap stocks of interest.  A combination of Elliott Wave and Hurst cycle analysis will be utilized on each stock. The next post will cover 3M (MMM).

Sid Norris






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