Inside Look at our Automated Trade Signals

Time flies!  We just crossed over into the second quarter of 2021, and that means we just completed our quarterly updates to our automated momentum algos.  Moving forward, the nightly trade signals (produced on all twenty three covered items) will be based on updated backtesting and optimization, to the last three years of data. Premium Plan subscribers receive nightly algo screenshots on all 23 items, and a summary PDF showing the latest algo signals (buy & sell), trade management (stop, trailing stop & exits), commercials vs. retail sentiment positioning, Elliott Wave count, and Hurst Cycle analysis. Visit to see the items covered in the Premium Plan, or see for yourself with our sortable Excel spreadsheet.Sortable Excel SpreadsheetBelow is a link to our downloadable spreadsheet, which includes the current 3-year backtest results on all items covered in the Premium Plan at Elliott Wave Plus. Within the table, you can sort by ROI, account size required, maximum closed-out drawdown, winning percentage, net profit, etc.  Download and play with the spreadsheet using the link below.April 2021 sortable excel spreadsheet.Algo Signals – Our 3 year backtest resultsAs always, Elliott Wave Plus held a quarterly webinar explaining our propriety automated trading system, and how subscribers can best utilize our services.  During the webinar, Sid goes into detail about the most successfully traded items over the past 3 years, as well as many aspects about how the algo was built and produces signals.  Watch the video below, and please consider subscribing to our Youtube channel if you enjoy this free content.