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Daily Trend Reports Plan

Subscribers to the Trend Reports Plan will receive the daily (M-F) Trend Charts including trend change/continuation signals & on-chart commentary. Daily coverage will now include Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P-500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, XLE (large-cap oil ETF), GDX (gold miners ETF), TLT (bonds ETF), Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC), Silver (SI), US Dollar Index (DX), and EUR/USD. 

ALL paying subscribers (at all plan levels) will aute they are are trading or invested in.  Here at Elliott Wave Plus, we realize that most market participants do not have access to sophisticated charting platforms that can clearly indicate this very important information.  These trend charts, provided on a daily basis will provide extremely important daily trend information for traders, investors and money managers.omatically receive access to these timely and highly informative screenshots every weekday.  A daily email will go out to all paying subscribers as soon as each daily edition is posted. Grandfathered Crypto Plan subscribers will continue to receive everything they were getting before, including our proprietary momentum-algo daily trade signals.

Every market participant should be aware of the current trend direction of the major stock market indices, as well as every individual stock, commodity, currency or bond issu


Every Sunday and Wednesday, EWP ScreenShots subscribers will receive access to Sid’s multi-timeframe analysis on each of the following eight items: S&P-500, German DAX, Gold Miners ETF (GDX), Bonds (TLT and/or ZN contract), Gold, Crude Oil, US Dollar Index, and the EUR/USD Currency Pair.

Sunday editions will include weekly, daily, and 240-minute Elliott Wave charts on each of those seven items, plus a number of bonus screenshots of additional items of current interest covered in the weekly “Counts” webinar.

Wednesday editions will include updated daily and 240-minute Elliott Wave charts on each of primary seven items, as well as additional items that may be at potentially important junctures.

All screenshots subscribers will also automatically receive access to Daily Trend Reports.


Elliott Wave Plus’s weekly “Counts” webinars are held every Sunday at 9am (Chicago time). Noted market technician Sid Norris is the presenter. Included is extensive coverage of the world’s major stock markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds. All “Counts” webinar subscribers automatically receive an invitation to these weekly live events. A recording of the webinar is made available to all subscribers shortly afterwards, whether they were in attendance live or not. Additionally, all “Counts” webinar subscribers receive full access the EWP ScreenShots service,  as well as our Daily Trend Reports. 

During each webinar, Sid reveals his long, intermediate, and short-term Elliott Wave counts and associated Fibonacci price targets for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P-500, Nasdaq (NDX), Russell 2000, VIX, Put-Call Ratio, Advance-Decline ratio, FANG stocks, Semiconductor Index (SOX), DJ Transports, DJ Utilities, Financials (XLF), Real Estate (IYR), Biotech (IBB), Large-Cap Energy (XLE), Baltic Dry Index, Gold Miners (GDX & GDXJ), Copper Miners (COPX), Hang Seng, Shanghai Composite, Nikkei, DAX, FTSE, ASX, TSX, NiftyFifty, Treasury Bonds (TLT & the ZN futures contract) Junk Bonds (HYG), Commodities (CRB Cash Index), Crude Oil (CL), Natural Gas (NG), Copper (HG), Gold (GC), Silver (SI), Platinum (PL), Palladium (PA), the US Dollar Index (DX), EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and Bitcoin.

Additional technical methodologies will be considered, including Hurst cycle analysis, multiple-timeframe MACD, RSI, or Momentum indicator divergence, trendlines & channels, support & resistance, extreme sentiment conditions, indication of trend exhaustion, inter-market correlations, and the current positioning of several algorithmic trading systems.

Premium Plan Nightly Algo Reports

Premium Plan subscribers now receive access to a nightly executive report (M-F). Each report covers 18-24 of the most popular tradeable instruments. Updated daily (after the US markets close), the reports includes a current general description of the Elliott wave count and Hurst cycle roadmap, as well as the latest date and directional signal from up to four of our algorithmic trading systems. These carefully constructed algos produce trading signals based on a variety of strategies including commercials vs. retail sentiment, momentum indicator divergence, multi-moving average crossovers, and trend-following. These signals are best when considered together, which allows for “confirmation-based” trading strategies, which we highly recommend over simple automated trading based on a single algo! Timely awareness of current daily automated trading signals alongside our other systems and methods allows subscribers to quickly prioritize among current trading opportunities, and act in a timely fashion.

Items currently covered are: Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM), S&P-500 (ES & SSO /SDS), Nasdaq-100 (NQ & QQQX), Russell 2000 (RTY), The VIX (VX), Energy Sector ETF (DIG & DUG), Financial Sector ETF (UYG &SKF). Gold Miners ETF (GDX), German DAX (GX), China 25 ETF (XPP & FXP), Brazil ETF (UBR & BZQ), 10-year Treasury Notes (ZN), Crude Oil (CL), Gold (GC), Silver (SI), US Dollar Index (DX), Japanese Yen (G6J), Canadian Dollar (G6C), Euro (G6E), and Australian Dollar (G6A). This list may change slowly over time, based on subscriber input.

In addition to Nightly Reports, all Premium Plan subscribers will also receive full access to twice-per-week EWP Screenshots, the Weekly “Counts” Webinars and associated recordings, and our Daily Trend Reports.

Free Resources

Elliott Wave Plus provides all visitors with the information they need to understand our work. Resources include educational videos, and explanatory documents. As we continue to improve our combined methodologies, look for updated information in the Resources section. Additionally, please subscribe to the @EWavePlus Twitter feed, the “Elliott Wave Plus” YouTube channel, and the ElliottWavePlus.com Blog to receive our latest public communications.

Monthly Plans

Trend Reports Plan

Subscribers to Trend Reports receive daily (M-F) screenshots of 20 popular tradable items. Each chart shows trend-change and/or trend continuation signals, as well as additional pertinent trend related on-chart commentary.


Basic Plan

Subscribers to the Basic Plan gain access to all Free Plan materials plus our EWP ScreenShots service, which consists of multiple timeframe screenshots of eight of the most popular traded items, plus dozens of bonus screenshots.  New editions of EWP ScreenShots are published every Sunday and Wednesday.


Pro Plan

Pro Plan subscribers gain access to all Basic Plan materials, plus an invitation to our weekly “Counts” webinar.  A recording of the webinar is made available to all Pro Plan subscribers, whether they attended live or not.


Premium Plan

The Elliott Wave Plus Premium-Plan includes EWP Screenshots, the Weekly “Counts” Webinar, and Nightly Reports.   The additional information provided in the Nightly Algo Reports allows Premium-Plan subscribers to quickly prioritize among current trading opportunities, and act in a timely fashion.  18-24 of the most popular trading instruments are covered.


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