Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar and Sortable Spreadsheet – Aug 4, 2022

All About our Improved Nightly “Sentiment Conditions” Screenshots – from Elliott Wave Plus

It's time for the Elliott Wave Plus Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar! Our Premium Plan is best known for supplying automated trade signals on about twenty different trade-able instruments to subscribers on a nightly basis. However, our longtime Premium Plan subscribers are telling us that our new, improved nightly "Sentiment Conditions" screenshots are easily worth the price of the subscription alone. See for yourself! We'll spend most of the time in this online seminar revealing all aspects of our new improved Sentiment Conditions nightly screenshots. We'll show how they can help subscribers become better informed about Commercials vs. Retail sentiment positioning, and how that knowledge can be extremely valuable when making trading decisions.  Time will be allotted for Q&A.

Are Interest Rates Topping? Has Inflation Peaked?

The following video clip from our April 10, 2022 Weekly Counts Webinar provide timely food for thought on those two questions. Possible conclusions are based on Elliott wave theory and its associated Fibonacci price targets, multi-decades trendlines (on semilog charts), and current sentiment conditions. Rising Interest Rates and Inflation are all over the news. Conventional expectations of the directional market reactions to news have been consistently wrong. Investors are confused and worried. It’s time to get technical. Technical analysis eliminates the worry and confusion. It ignores mainstream financial media, and their ridiculous, news-based explanations of why the market moves up and down. Elliott Wave theory, Cycle analysis and Sentiment Conditions are more important to traders and investors now than ever before. The attached video clip was recorded on Sunday, April 12, and was a small portion of Sid’s Weekly Counts Webinar for subscribers (Pro Plan and up). In the video, Sid Norris examines TNX (bond yields), and TIP (Treasury Inflation Protection bonds). Are rates going to continue to skyrocket unabated? Is the aggressive inflationary period over? Additional evidence of Sentiment extremes in bonds were presented later in the webinar. Here are current screenshots of current Sentiment Conditions in the ZB contract (30yr bonds), the ZN contract (10yr bonds), and the Japanese Yen, which is historically highly correlated with bonds. These screenshots show that Commercials are expecting rates to top about now (and bonds bottom), while retail traders, who are almost always wrongly positioned at major trend changes, think that rates will continue to aggressively rise. Premium Plan subscribers receive Sentiment Conditions screenshots on many tradable items nightly. Every Wednesday and Sunday, we provide EWP Screenshots to subscribers (Basic Plan and up) on over two dozen popular trading instruments.  The following are the last nine of those for the S&P-500, starting Feb 23, 2022, the day before the first shots were fired in the Russia - Ukraine war:

How Accurate has Elliott Wave Plus been on the S&P-500 recently?

How accurate has Elliot Wave Plus been on the S&P-500 Recently? Here are our nine most recent EWP Screenshots of Sid's predictive roadmaps for the S&P-500 Every Wednesday and Sunday, we provide EWP Screenshots to subscribers (Basic Plan and up) on over two dozen popular trading instruments.  The following are the last nine of those for the S&P-500, starting Feb 23, 2022, the day before the first shots were fired in the Russia - Ukraine war:

Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar – January 25, 2022

It's the first quarter of 2022, which means you're in luck! The quarterly premium-plan webinar is now available for everyone to watch! If you're new to Elliott Wave Plus, this is a chance for everyone to view an in-depth webinar where Sid goes over everything our premium plan subscribers get on a nightly basis! Every 3 months, Elliott Wave Plus reoptimizes it's proprietary algos to the most current 3-year backtest results. In this blog, you will see all of the items covered on the nightly algo report, and which items have had the best results. Spoiler alert, the S&P-500 equivalent (SPX ES) had some amazing results! There were plenty of interesting topics discussed during the live webinar, so we encourage you to watch the entire video. Also, Sid has a special promotion for anyone interested in his most recent 4+ HOUR weekly counts webinar, where he goes over all of his Elliott Wave counts and associated Fibonacci price targets, for many of the world's major stock markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds. Hurst Cycle analysis is also considered on virtually all items. The Premium Plan consists of: Nightly screenshots on over 20 trading instruments (stock index futures, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc.), showing the most recent momentum buy/sell signals, change stop to trailing indicators, and/or exit trade suggestions. Please visit to see the full list of items covered. Sentiment positioning on all items that contain sentiment data. A nightly summary report including algo signals, sentiment conditions, Sid’s Elliott wave roadmap, and Hurst Cycle analysis on twenty items. A nightly email letting subscribers know that today's signals are available to view and download. You’ll also be able to download a sortable excel spreadsheet showing the most recent 3-year backtest results. This sortable chart shows everything!

More Profitable Algo Trade Signals – KBE

Elliott Wave + Hurst had been projecting upward movement ever since the December 20th low. See how our algo caught this move to the upside.

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