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ello!  My name is Sid Norris and welcome to In 2009, I started a little blog called “Sid’s Charts”.  At first, it was intended to be a simple online diary of my Elliott Wave counts of items I traded every day.  Within a few months, numerous visitors to the blog suggested that I expand to offer a paid subscription service that covered the most popular tradable instruments on a regular basis.  So, in February 2011 I started, which featured live weekly “Counts” webinars for paid subscribers, and free Elliott Wave technical analysis educational materials. Subscribers grew substantially each year for the next five years.

In 2013, I added Hurst Cycle Analysis to my technical analysis toolbox, and as my understanding of how to combine Hurst with Elliott evolved and improved, the retention rate of my subscriber base rose dramatically.  By 2016, it had become apparent that I was no longer just an Elliottician.  My style had morphed into combining robust methodologies of technical analysis to create higher confidence, less subjective trading forecasts.

In 2016, I created the site you are viewing now, Elliott Wave Plus.  EWP represents the culmination of everything I’ve learned about technical analysis and market forecasting.


Over the years, I’ve found several methods of technical analysis to be worthy of constant consideration when trading, including Elliott Wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets, Hurst Cycle analysis, algorithmic trading signals from several diverse algos, inter-market correlations, and multi-timeframe MACD, RSI, or Momentum indicator divergence. The combination of multiple, robust forms of technical analysis creates a holistic approach to trading that is more powerful than Elliott Wave technical analysis alone.

  • Elliott Wave /Fibonacci Price Targets

  • Hurst Cycle Analysis

  • Sentiment Conditions

  • Algorithmic Trade Signals

  • Inter-Market Correlations


The development of our unique “composite approach” inspired the name of this website and suite of subscriber services:  Elliott Wave Plus. It’s the PLUS that makes the difference! The growth of our subscriber base, and the frequency and quality of our client testimonials indicate that our process is working, and working well.  As always, I hope my work is most beneficial to you!

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