Some of the following Elliott Wave theory predictions testimonials date back to our earlier websites:  “ElliottWavePredictions.com”, and before that, “SidsCharts.com”.

"Hi Sid, I wanted to send you a sincere 'Thank You' for your service and the tremendous and invaluable education you continually provide each week. Admittedly, I have been one of those subscribers who has been on and off for many years, which has very little to do with your service and more to do with me working out my way of trading and finding what works for me. Your approach of combining Elliott Wave and with Hurst is now a core component of my weekly trading plan. I am up 60% on my account for the year and have hit my weekly trading goal every single week for the last 2 months. I use your counts and Hurst CLs as guideposts and drill down to find swing trades that are aligned and if there is no alignment, I either do not trade those opportunities or scale down significantly. This is working for me very well."

April. 2023
"Hi Sid...I've been looking for an excuse for a while to pay you a well deserved compliment. I find your insight on the markets to be SPOT ON and continue to make good money following your expert guidance. Just recently retiring myself, I feel confident that my nest egg is safe and in the position to grow (exponentially) with your guidance. I've tried a lot of trading services in the past, and find you to be an exception to ALL of them in quality of material, integrity and transparency, and feel no reason to ever look elsewhere."
August. 2022

"One of the traders in my group told me she attended and  loved your webinar! She has been spending time reviewing my notes and saved screen shots from previous EWP webinars and comparing them to my past trades made during the week following webinar. Her comment to me today: EWP at first glance, appears to be too good to be true. But after reviewing the successful trades you made based on EWP, it becomes even more unbelievable!"

July. 2022
"Hi Sid. Your analysis is truly amazing, and I have been involved with fund management for more than 35 years. The more I look the more I am amazed."
Feb. 2023
"Sid, you continue to yield remarkable results - your silver analysis has been nothing short of spectacular this year and I have made enormous profits this year thanks to it. Booked another huge silver profit ( this time short ) based on your perfect analysis. God has blessed you my friend with great wisdom- thanks for sharing it with others!"
Sept. 2019
"I've been trading these markets (and subscribing to professional services) for more than forty years and find your work and resulting forecasts, targets, objectives, etc. to be free of personal bias, and remarkably accurate. That is why I continue to subscribe. Well done."
Sept. 2019
"You've just gotten yourself a client for life! What a day … flat now, but pulled out over $50k … mostly on AAPL, MSFT and SPY puts that I bought last Tuesday. Had to suffer some heat on Wednesday last week before the bottom fell out and even got out a bit early today {Monday, Aug 5}, but hit the cash register hard! So no complaints and it was all greatly influenced by your work. Thanks big time Sid. These days are super fun ... as long as you are on the right side of the market … have been on the other side before and that is NOT fun. D.M."
Aug. 2019
"Just want to thank you creating a service that is exceptional. I trade for a living , and you are indispensable. Thanks in part to you, I had a remarkable summer of trading , booking more than $220,000 in profits since May. Keep up the great work and know that you are making a huge difference in people’s lives!"
J. F.
Aug. 2019
"Hi Sid, {Y.G.} here. As you know, I'm a long time subscriber with a keen interest in gold. Just taking a moment to thank you for the guidance on precious metals and to acknowledge your accurate forecasts over the past 6 months. I layered-in JNUG positions throughout the month of May and closed out yesterday, for a $30,000 profit! Keep up the great work and I appreciate all that you do. Kindest regards."
June 2019
"Elliott Wave Plus is, in my opinion, the best Elliott Wave-based market forecasting service in existence. The accuracy difference comes from Sid's uncanny ability to properly interpret Hurst Cycle Analysis, and incorporate it into his wave counts. I've greatly enjoyed Sid's advice for three years now, and his service just gets better and better! I believe Elliott Wave Plus is many times better than that other well-known Elliott Wave competitor who only utilizes Elliott Wave, but no Hurst Cycles! I personally know this because I used to subscribe to those other guys for a number of years. Sid’s weekly "Counts" webinar is the highlight of my week and he always takes time to answer all participant's questions in an non-political, honest and understandable fashion. I've learned lifetime trading and investing skills from Sid."
July 2019
"Sid, Just a quick note from a long-term subscriber to let you know how much I appreciate your work, insight and dedication to excellence. Thank you and regards"
June 2019
Hello Sid, Reckon you get a few emails when things do not go according to plan, so I just wanted to say “WELL DONE” on the calls over the last while . . . pretty much spot on. Thanks.
May 2019
Sid, You have done an amazing job with your calls the past few months. Your ability to read the Hurst tea leaves is incredible. Really well done.
May 2019
Wow did you make a great call on Gold and miners - I sold all my gold and silver (and it was a lot) on Monday after your analysis and made a nice profit - then watched the carnage today and thanked the Lord I have your service!
May 2018
Hey Sid, Yes . . . Count me in as a subscriber to your new service. Impressive display of results today! I'm quite confident it will pick out some incredibly profitable trades, so I look forward to receiving those {nightly} alerts as well.
May 2018
Dear Sid, I’ve been meaning to write you a note for a while. I’m a fairly new subscriber, and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos, analysis, and services. You were highly recommended by a friend in an online trading group, and it’s been a pleasure watching your work take shape week by week with the videos, and night by night with the algo reports. I used to belong to another service which focused on nothing but Elliott Waves, which honestly doesn’t amount to much more than a “guess” the way they did it. They were constantly steering people wrong, and always caught flat-footed at major turns. The final straw was Dec/Jan when they were still counting on one more low for weeks after the reversal, so that I (and many other gullible subscribers) totally missed out on the bulk of the big move up. And worse, lost money on put options expecting another drop because “they said so”. Needless to say, I was very happy to find you. I really like how you combine different methods to get a better overall picture of a chart – EW theory, Hurst cycles, indicators, and my favorite – commercial vs. retail sentiment. I also like how frank and open you are with your formulas. I’ve adopted the AMA, Bressert, and Synthetic {Retail Sentiment} into my own charts and find them very helpful in combination. On many stocks, I find that the default parameters work great even without extensive back-testing. But the proof is in the pudding, and my “pudding” is up 20% since the beginning of May. The amazing thing is how effortless it’s been, just being patient and using the daily/weekly charts. Buy/Sell on the open or close, no need for stressful day-trading, no constant second-guessing. I’ve been trading a mix of metals, miners, some index/sector ETFs, and a handful of individual stocks. Mostly regular shares, and sometimes options (no futures). Most of my trades come straight from your charts, but I’m starting to regain enough confidence to trade my own items too (e.g. recently took trades in SNH and TTOO). It’s your patience and methodology that’s important, and I’m learning a lot – so thank you!
June 2019
Loving the service Sid. Monday and Thursday mornings come with great anticipation now to receive the screenshots and webinar. I bought Sugar off of your analysis literally before it ripped and has been a great trade. Paid for subscription for the next 10yrs!
Hello Sid, I've been following every weekly webinar now about six months and I have to say that I've learned more than ever before in my life including also one year (several times per week) Certified Financial Analyst course and final exam. Will keep following. Thank you very much.
Excellent session last night. I liked the depth of discussion and your recommendation for further eduction on EW. Thank you as well for sharing the presentation slides and recording the session. This will help me brush up, alongside the notes taken.
Very insightful and educational webinar. Very interesting and it is fascinating to see web count unfold. Thanks for GLD update and $SPX updates as well as others. Wish you and all your subscribers continued success
“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the webinar tonight. I learned so much. I think every trader needs to be introduced to the Elliott Wave Theory and will be recommending that my trading friends sit in on one of your sessions soon. Your presentation cleared up many questions for me and challenged me to dig deeper into Elliott Wave. Best wishes to your continued success. Keep up the good work with the weekly videos too. I have sent your link to many of my friends” . .
Sid, A huge thank you for a $30,000.00 gain in my metals trade over the last month. I played MUX, GDX, GDXJ, NUGT, JNUG, SLV, USLV, and UGLD and closed the positions yesterday for a $30,000.00 gain. I plan to re-enter this exact trade in a few weeks unless the cycles and charts advise otherwise. It sure looks like wave 3 of this trade has not happened yet but I'll stay on the sidelines until I get more clarity. I believe Jan 23-35 may be a re-entry opportunity and the end of wave 2 on this trade. Nat gas looks like it could be a nice play into Feb. and the same with Soybeans. Can you give a daily update on these two plays tomorrow in the mid-week screenshots? I will try to not to make weekly requests but these two plays sure looked good on Sunday and look good now. You have been the best thing that has happened to my investing strategies. I am eternally grateful for your service and I greatly look forward to all of your updates. I am a professional trader who is making a living off of my investments, and I have found your combination of Hurst cycles, Elliott Wave Theory,. and Fibonacci targets to be extremely helpful.
“Wow… that was excellent… by far the best webinar/presentation on the financial markets I have ever seen! The grasp you have on all of the markets and financial news is remarkable. Thank you very much for your work. Regards,
“I would like to thank you for conducting your webinar on “Trading Using Elliott Wave and MACD”. I have just culminated a career as an Engineer and am in the process of transitioning to a career as a Trader. Based on my recent studies, I have a feel for a number of different trading strategies for both neutral and trending market environments. Having access to your unique and practical insights on Elliott Wave Theory has allowed me to acquire invaluable analytical skills on adapting to varying market conditions. Thanks again, and talk to you later. With best regards
Hi Sid. I found today’s webinars very useful to me. I am analytical by background..former CPA , public co. CFO , then CEO and a public company director for years. I’m now retired and have taken charge of my own investments. I read Bob Prechter’s “Conquer the Crash” in 2002 and have been a subscriber ever since. I have been dissatisfied for years with {some of the more prominent} EW analysis work. I’ve always thought that the Elliott Wave Theory had merit , but that {some others} were not properly or objectively viewing the wave count status. In addition , some of them can be arrogant and obviously biased. They also do not take criticism very well. There is a cost to being too safe all the time. I think your approach, combining MACD and Japanese candlesticks adds the elements of practicality to the wave count analyses that I’ve been looking for. Plus you seem to communicate quite clearly , try to relate various market counts and are willing to address questions without being condescending to the uninitiated. I’m happy that you are doing what you are doing and that I stumbled onto your website. I expect to attend your webinar sessions as often as I can and look forward to your updates. Thank you for sharing your work. These are the most difficult investment times that I have experienced in my 64 years insofar as being comfortable with decisions and holdings..Savers are being punished at the expense of spenders and borrowers..Government and Fed intervention have really muddied the waters and forced people into riskier assets in order to get a return , possibly at a very bad time for baby boomers like me..With your help , I hope to navigate a reasonable future course of action..Thanks again , D.B. ps..I have been looking at your postings for a couple of months before diving into today’s webinar..They have been amazingly accurate and certainly got my attention..Congratulations and best wishes for continued success.
Hi Sid, I’m a young trader, new to the world of forex trading. I’ve viewed some of your postings and they are quite amazing! Your analysis covers all the essential rules and guidelines of the wave principal that I’ve had such a hard time grasping until now. Thanks for your help and support.
Appreciating your work! Thanks for your emails. They are helpful and thought provoking. Regards,
I think your call right to the pip on GBP/USD will end up on your top ten posts of 2012.
Your truncated 5th call was fabulous! Holy Smokes Batman . . I’m in your fanclub.
Hi Sid, Your call on the US dollar is amazing! It does appear a trend reversal is a happening. I have several positions in UUP based on your call (always with stops) and they are in the green!! I dunno if your other viewers/followers would be interested in a market update (indices, currencies, commodities) without the Elliott Wave theory preface or tutorial, but I certainly would relish a webinar that would just immediately delve into your webcount(s) and your opinions. Just an input of mine as you do post updates from time to time, and I need to remember to make a donation for this month. Anyway, amazing call on the $USD. Regards
“Being relatively new to Elliott Wave, I felt that, in these volatile trading times, it made sense to learn from an experienced wave counter (aka “Elliottician”) until such time that I consider myself fully capable to confidently count waves on my own. Well, being that the Elliott Wave principle is a means of first limiting the possibilities and then ordering the relative probabilities of possible future market paths (to quote from Frost and Prechter), I realized that it also made sense for me to investigate the landscape of Elliott Wave service providers so that I could order the relative probabilities as to who out there is deserving of my commitment. Accordingly, I am a regular subscriber to a wide variety of credible Elliott Wave services (both “corporates” and “independents”), but I decided to submit this testimonial because, of all them, I believe that Elliott Wave Predictions is the best. It is hands down my “go to” Elliott Wave source. If you want exposure to in-depth and well-reasoned wave counts and wish to bolster your Elliott Wave expertise in a real-time as opposed to an academic setting, then you should seriously consider subscribing. Why? I think you will discover three areas where Sid Norris’s Elliott Wave Predictions excels with regard to the competition.First, because Sid regularly counts nearly every market contract imaginable, he is very adept at explicating the macroeconomic context that coincides with the unfolding price action in these markets in a manner which other (experienced) Elliotticians out there who count but one or two contracts are just not able to do. Sid explains the rationale and convictions behind his counts and for what he anticipates may unfold; this is much more helpful in trusting a wave count in a trading situation than just blindly adhering to the mechanics of the Elliott Wave principle which dictates that it must be so. Second, no other service that I am aware of offers detailed counts of internal wave structures across numerous timeframes or posts a confidence rating for each count as does Elliott Wave Predictions. To my way of thinking, this underscores Sid’s expertise and judgment; come on board for a webinar or two and then see how the competition stack up in this regard. Finally, when you come to appreciate these first two areas that I have described, you will recognize that the price to value differential at Elliott Wave Predictions is as good as it gets. The upside in both improving your technical analysis and advancing your knowledge base of world markets in order to make better trading and investment decisions is money ridiculously well spent.”
I just wanted to say thank-you for providing your service! I have learned more about Elliott wave in the last month listening to and learning from you than I have in the last five years trying to read and understand the books. I recently made 65% trading pink wave 3 of NUGT in 9 days.
Hello Sid . . It is thanks to you that I recently bought a significant amount of GDX Gold vector and sold at the top – 31.15 on the 27. Very worthwhile and I had the confidence to exit as I did. I appreciate your careful commentary and analysis that give an added layer to my decision making. Many thanks,
Sid . . Went to bed last night thinking about our typed conversation. Came to the conclusion that you provide your client base both short term and long term analysis of almost every category of investment vehicle. Clients can position themselves in futures, options, equities and bonds using your analysis, or learn the art form of EW analysis. This is truly powerful analysis/advice that can be applied weekly, monthly and yearly. Your analysis is significant, in that it provides possible direction for a host of investment/financial assets, and those of us that want control of our future, can then plan. The best surprise, is no surprise. Makes for a healthy and enjoyable life.
Nov. 2013
“Hi Sid . . So far so good this week. I have taken some of your advice about trading more stocks and less FX. This week have a very nice trade with GBP but last week had 2 great GDX and this week a super trade so far with CVX. Trading the options for the stocks – taking long dated of course. GDX returned about 2k, CVX already up almost 1k after just yesterdays entry at the utmost bottom. GBP is now looking like it really is breaking upwards – above the resistance line and netting me 1.3k so far. Almost forgot – got some AEM as well and it is doing quite handsomely – up 1.3k or so. This is my year to not overtrade and invest for longer moves as I can’t sit and watch the computer every minute of the day. (maybe next year) LoL. Have a great week and hope to hear you on Sunday!!! Always well worth the 3-4 hours. Thank you for a great job and best customer service. Best Regards
Feb. 2013
Your webinar this past Sunday was the single BEST product on this subject that I’ve ever purchased. I look forward to being a consumer of your work in the future.
Dear Sid, I always wondered how it would be possible to make a Disney dream come true for my family. My children would often point to the Magic Kingdom Castle which features before every Disney movie and ask, “Can we go there daddy? and I’d reply, some day children.. some day… Truthfully…? I was doubtful and disheartened – it would be financially impossible. But on January 1st 2013, I made a decision I’ll never forget. I reached out for your help. Sid. You have made an immeasurable difference in our lives. I’m forever grateful… I cannot thank you enough.”
July 2013
Hi Sid, This is a ‘heart-felt- thank you and nod to your professionalism. Thanks to your information mid-week and my own look at GDX shaping up on Friday I am out of NUGT GDX and GDXJ. So a handsome profit and looking to ‘probably’ move in again around Jan 26. So very happy to hear what you had personally done. Although still unfamiliar with options you mention, NUGT and DUST give me enough ‘considered’ leverage. So I have a lot to thank you for in terms of achieving goals, a good lifestyle and ability to help the family. Big thank you from across the pond.”
Jan. 2015
Hi Sid, Great job – another cracking week. Locked in a further $2,000 profit. EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Keep up the great job . . Many thanks . .
June 2015
Hi Sid . . I think it {the Early Detection of Trend Changes movie} was the best way of spending 12.50 USD ever! This really is “must see” in EW education. Great work and thank you very much for sharing and showing your secrets of counting. If anybody have a problem with correct identifying waves – they should simply view “Early Detection of Trend Changes by Combining EW & MACD”. Now, I’m feeling strong enough to try my own hand! I wish you all the best.
June 2015
Hi Sid . . I just wanted to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You'”! I have studied Elliott Wave for many years and have been an on and off EWI subscriber for many of those years. I will not go into a lot of detail but I really, really like your approach to technical analysis and I especially appreciate the fact that you take time to describe the alternate counts as many times those are the paths the market chooses to take. The value of your analysis and subscription is mind blowing! In any case, you provided your subscribers with a high probability count in the EURUSD this week. The way the technicals (wave structure, price pattern, Hurst, etc..) stacked up after the gap, I took a low risk trade after seeing the first 5-3 structure on a 1 min chart after the market opened. I viewed the gap down as a thrust from the w:4 triangle and waited for the motive structure to come back all with your analysis backing me up. Thanks so much! ? Have a great week.
June 2015
Sid, I wanted to thank you for the incredible research and analysis that you provide by giving you a brief history on me and how my account is exploding to the upside since I started following you and attending your webinars. After the economic meltdown in 2008, I had to pretty much start over. I took a corporate job after many years of self-employment in 2009, and started saving the maximum amount that I could in my new 401K. Then in 2013 I was hired as the Executive Vice President of a top real estate company in California, but they didn’t offer a 401K program. At that time I had to convert my 401K to an Individual IRA which only allows me to save $6500 per calendar year, as I am over the age of 50. As time went along I became increasingly frustrated with the menial returns I was receiving buying and holding “the recommended” diversified portfolio of mutual funds. That’s when I started subscribing to your webinars and screenshots at elliottwavepredictions.com. On February 6, 2015 I moved my portfolio from Fidelity to E-Trade and decided to look for entry and exit points on stocks, ETF’s and indices based upon your analysis. My strategy was to use 10% of my portfolio to trade options, hold 20% in cash (to add to positions if needed) and buy value stocks that pay dividends with the remaining 70%. The day I started the E-Trade account (February 6. 2015) my account equity was $37,000. Today (May 8, 2015) my account equity is $50,200. I’ve deposited $1500 of additional funds during this time so subtracting that, I’ve managed a gain of $11,700 (that’s 23.3%) in roughly 3 months. The best part is, I know now that I don’t need the market to continue to go up to make solid returns! For instance, I’ve had some very nice winning trades recently shorting IBB (the Biotech sector ETF) using put options, as well as trading long IBB using calls. All trades were based on the analysis you show in your weekly webinar. Following your Elliott Wave analysis and looking for entry end exit windows on securities based on Hurst Cycle analysis has been a game changer for me and my retirement. Thank you for all you do Sid, and keep up the good work!!
May 2015
Sid, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your webinars and the detailed analysis you provide. I’ve been trading for over twenty years and have never traded better ~ much of that due to your service. I placed trades last night and this morning according to my systems, but also aligned with your cycles/wave counts. I sold bonds (ZB) since you were looking for lower prices into early next week, which netted over $1000 per contract. I bought the Russell 2000 since you were looking for higher prices into early next week ($1500 per contract). I bought Copper late Friday, which I asked about during your webinar ($750 per contract). And lastly, I just sold Crude futures into the close and a few ticks from the high of the day since you were looking for the market to head lower into mid-July. All in all, simply an amazing day. Thank you! See you on Sunday for your next webinar.
May 2016
“Sid . . . {Your service} is without a doubt one of the most useful pieces of market analysis I’ve come across in my 25 years of trading. I’ve incorporated Elliott Wave, Gann, and Fibonacci into my trading over the last fifteen years ~ and to add your service with Elliott and Hurst analysis on all the major markets has elevated my trading to a new level. Thank you for that! In the last two months, I’ve made 35% on my retirement funds with your crude oil calls; And an even greater amount (well over 100%) on the funds allocated to gold with your recommendation to buy NUGT. I did have luck on my side when I liquidated last week as gold rallied to 1265.xx per ounce, but your direction and timing allowed me to capture some truly amazing returns. Your direction and timing in bonds also came in quite profitable for my personal trading account. Looking forward to adding S&P puts over the next week or so if/when time and price align for me. Thanks again, and I’ll be sitting in on your morning webinars over the next few years . . . . until, and if, I decide to retire ?!?!?
Feb. 2016
Sid, Just a quick note thanking you for your service. The wave counts, cycles, and special indicators seem to be working incredibly well! I just liquidated my shorts in Gold and Bonds at the close . . . . and initiated shorts in the Russell 2000. I think your projections were for the Russell to reach 1168.xx to 1172.00 on this move higher. We’ll see what the news from overseas brings tonight (or over the weekend if too close to call), but I’m in a great position with profits from earlier trades. Thanks again!
June 2016
Fantastic explanation {Sid}. That is one more reason why I will continue to be a subscriber of yours. My biggest weakness in Elliott has always been backing way up and looking at the big, bigger and biggest pictures. You are a great model for doing that correctly and I’m reminded once again how important it is. I sincerely think you have found the “secret sauce” with Elliott and Hurst. As you say, no system is perfect but yours appears to be improving the odds of being correct. Sincere thanks for your time.
June 2016
Good Morning. You nailed it again Sid. US Treasuries {yields) have made new lows as you predicted.
June 2016
Sid, NatGas/UNG Great call. Oil and mkt trying to go down too. You be a Guru.
June 2016