GDX Miners Call 2021

GDX miners coverage 2021. In mid-November of 2021, there was a flood of articles being published around the internet that were extremely bullish gold, silver and the precious metals mining stocks. We know that at the time, there were also numerous self-professed Elliott Wave gurus preferring bullish wave counts. Sid’s use of Elliott Wave and Hurst allowed him to project an accurate GDX roadmap for subscribers.The key to our GDX roadmap was the expectation of a 20-week Hurst cycle PEAK in mid-November. Just as the masses were screaming “GOLD BREAKOUT!”, we were expecting a reversal.Check out the video, which is a great example of Sid’s typical weekly “counts” webinar coverage. Keep in mind, this is coverage over one specific item. Sid goes into detailed analysis on dozens of items every single week.
XLE Call

Then, more recently, during his August 22, 2021 weekend “Counts” webinar, Sid suggested that the correction since March in XLE had likely ended, and that large-cap oil companies should rally once again for several months, this time out of a larger 18-month Hurst cycle trough.  As of today, XLE is up 31.61% from its August 19, 2021 low.

The Outcome

To put this into perspective, had subscribers bought $10,000 worth of XLE at the open on November 2 ($29.11), and closed that position upon the first appearance of a deeply overbought pink exhaustion stripe on our daily charts (at $52.20 open on March 10, 2021), that 10K would have turned into $17,932, a profit of $7,932.  Additionally, had subscribers bought $10,000 worth of XLE at the opening price of $47.00 on August 23, and held until the first pink exhaustion stripe occurred, taking profit at $57.62 on October 22, that would have turned the $10K investment into $12,260, an additional profit of $2,260.  Total profit by these two example trades?  $10,192.  Not too shabby!

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