Announcing a Big Improvement to Sid’s Flagship Service Offering!

I am very happy to announce that my Weekly “Counts” Webinars will be produced using Adobe “Connect” instead of Cisco’s “Webex” from now on.  The switch will provide several significant enhancements:

  • The recordings won’t require long waiting times before they start playing.  They will start up within a few seconds.
  • The recordings will be viewable on almost all devices, including Windows PC’s, Macs, Ipads and Iphones, as well as Android devices.  The Adobe Connect (Windows and Mac compatible) recordings will become available to all enrollees immediately after the webinar.  The IOS and Android compatible recording will become available to all enrollees a few hours afterwards.
  • The audio will be much more consistent and intelligible.
  • Searching forward or backward through the recordings will be much faster, so you can find the items (SPX, Gold, US$, etc) you are most interested in a lot quicker.
  • If need be, during the webinars, you can have Adobe Connect automatically zoom in a bit on the area of my mouse cursor.
  • Far more “live” attendees will be possible
  • There will be a lot more room in the Adobe Connect “cloud” for a large curriculum of educational movies about technical analysis.  Expect some new releases from me soon!