Announcing the Release of a New Educational Video Entitled “Sid’s Elliott Wave 101”

Announcing a New 50-Minute Educational Video Entitled “Sid’s Elliott Wave 101”.

In this video, I present all the rules, guidelines, and patterns of the Wave Principle, complete with real-life examples of each.  Also included are how to draw and interpret R.N. Elliott’s trendlines, how to place Fibonacci retracement and extension price targets on your charts, and most importantly, which Fibonacci levels are the most likely to be hit within each numbered or lettered wave.

Bonus:  The link and password to this 50-minute video will be made available for FREE to all “Weekly Counts” Webinar” and “EWP Screenshots” enrollees starting 9-14-13.  For those who just want access to the video, it can be purchased for only $7.50 by using the associated yellow Paypal “Buy Now” button on the right hand side of the page at  Unlike any of my other videos,  this one is downloadable.  Also, it will play on virtually any device, including tablets and smartphones.

This 50-minute video should prove to be very useful to Elliott Wave newbies, as well as to the many traders out there who are somewhat familiar with the Wave Principle around the fringes, but desire a more solid understanding of the most important aspects.

As always, I hope my work is beneficial to you!