EUR/USD and GBP/USD Update by Sid from

EUR/USD and GBP/USD Elliott Wave Update by Sid from  Click on the charts twice to enlarge. Even though the wave count in my last EUR/USD post was not invalidated, it came so very close that I revisted all timeframes on both the Euro and British Pound, and here are the results. Both the EUR/USD […]

Another Quick Update on GBP/USD

It looks like the Pound is going to try to smoke out every short it can before continuing to the downside. The strong upward movement today appears most likely to be the terminal thrust from a wave 4 triangle. Based on the size of the triangle, the upside target is 1.5767. Any movement below 1.5580 […]

Quick Update on GBP/USD

Here’s a quick update on the GBP/USD currency pair. Click on the chart twice to enlarge. It looks like cable is carving out an expanded flat for wave 2 green, which will delay the resumption of strong downward movement for a couple of days. Explanations and invalidation points are on the chart. Sid