While the DJIA was down 179 points today, the 11-Qtr-System Model Portfolio was up 6.23%

Model Portfolio Holdings 1-13-14 blurred

While the DJIA was down 179 points (1.41%) today, our 11-Qtr-System Model Portfolio was up 6.23% today alone (as shown above).  We started the model portfolio less than two weeks ago (on January 2) using the stock simulator at Investopedia.com, with a starting balance of $100,000.   Since then, it is up 9.62% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 1.9% over the same period.  And most importantly, there are a large number of stocks that are on the verge of qualification under the 11-Qtr-System that we haven’t purchased yet in the portfolio.

Just because the big indices are due for a sizeable correction doesn’t mean that every stock will go down with them.  This is due to the existence of independent cyclicality in certain individual stocks.

Whether you are expecting a big move down in the major stock indices or not,  you owe it to yourself to see what the Eleven-Quarter-System is all about.  Here’s more info, including how to subscribe:

The first month is half price ($12.50). Cancel anytime.

Sid Norris

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