Early Detection of Trend Changes Using Elliott Wave & MACD, and Japanese Candlesticks

Sid Norris

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Developed from Sid’s educational webinar series, the presentation is entitled: “Early Detection of Trend Changes Utilizing a Combination of Elliott Wave, MACD, & Japanese Candlesticks” . Covered Topics are:

  • A quick history of the wave principle
  • What causes price movement (waves) in the markets
  • Diagrams and real examples of the essential wave structures
  • How to label the waves
  • The rules and guidelines of the wave principle
  • The different types of impulsive and corrective structures, and how to distinguish between them
  • How to draw and use R.N. Elliott’s trendlines
  • The mass psychology behind each wave type
  • Leonardo Fibonacci’s “sequence”, and resulting “golden mean”
  • Setting Fibonacci retracement, extension, and relationship targets
  • The most common Fibonacci relationships between waves
  • The MACD indicator, and how I use it to assist in developing better Elliott Wave counts
  • The most potent Japanese Candlestick patterns
  • Putting it all together: How I use a combination of Elliott Wave (which includes Fibonacci targets and trendlines), MACD, and – – Japanese Candlesticks to provide early detection of changes in the trend.

Throughout the 2-hour session, Sid shows examples of the concepts presented on real charts of the SPX, Euro, Gold, Oil, etc.