Elliott Wave Analysis – Russell 2000 Index – Daily Candles. A lesson on how the MACD can assist in developing wave counts . .

Here’s my detailed Elliott Wave count of the Russell 2000 index since the July 6, 2010 low. Notice how the MACD assists in developing the wave counts by pinpointing the wave 3’s along the way. Also notice that each instance of “divergence” between price and the MACD line was immediately followed by a correction. Divergence is when price and the MACD line are moving in opposite directions.

Stay tuned to this site for some new developments! I’m nearly finished developing the curriculum for some LIVE webinar-based classes on How to Trade Using a Combination of the Wave Principle and MACD. The classes will be on Saturday mornings (US CDT) via WebEx. There will be a reasonable fee for the classes, and both one-on-one tutoring and small group settings will be offered. The group sessions will be limited to no more than six students, so I can tailor the level of instruction to the experience and knowledge level of all participants. If interested, inquire by contacting me at [email protected] . . . Thanks . . . Sid