Elliott Wave Charts – Is Food Inflation Over?

A Perfect Storm of Sentiment Conditions

Softs (Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar)

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Sentiment Conditions

Sentiment is the general outlook or attitude of market participants toward a particular security, or the overall financial market. Here at ElliottWavePlus.com, we pay particular attention to the spread between retail traders (trend followers/chasers) and Commercials (hedgers).  Commercials are entities involved in the production, processing, or merchandising of a commodity. Commercials use futures and options on futures to HEDGE their business interests. A commercial trader might also refer to an institutional trader, which is one employed professionally by a bank, brokerage, fund, or other financial firm.

What do we mean by a “Perfect Storm”?

Our proprietary Sentiment Conditions screenshots track the positioning of Retail vs. Commercials.  Commercials typically “fade” trends.  In other words, they gradually build positions against a trend, knowing that there will eventually be a trend change.  This is how they “hedge”.  For example, Copper mining companies will gradually build a position against an uptrend in Copper because they want their futures trading account to protect the company against the inevitable coming downtrend.  Then, during the next downtrend, they will gradually remove their hedges.  At the end of both uptrends and downtrends, Commercials are typically correctly positioned to take advantage of the inevitable trend change.  In other words, after long uptrends, Commercials are typically heavily short, and after long downtrends, Commercials are typically heavily long. When they are heavily short, there’s a lot of pink or red on our Sentiment Conditions charts indicating that the situation is bearish.  When they are heavily long, there’s a lot of green on the chart indicating that the situation is bullish.


As for retail traders, they typically build positions WITH a trend.  Typically, by the end of an aggressive uptrend, retail traders are generally “all in” long.  Conversely, by the end of an aggressive downtrend, retail traders become convinced that prices will go down forever.


A “Perfect Storm” of sentiment occurs when Retail traders are positioned exactly opposite Commercial traders, and both are at extremes.  We pinpoint when a perfect bullish or bearish condition exists on the nightly charts.


Current List of Nightly Sentiment Conditions Screenshots

Every night, we provide our Premium Plan subscribers access to nearly thirty Sentiment Conditions screenshots.  If you’re looking for the most inclusive set of Elliott Wave Charts – Sentiment Conditions, here’s the current coverage list:

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM contract)
  • S&P-500 (ES contract)
  • Nasdaq-100 (NQ contract)
  • Russel 2000 (RTY contract)
  • German DAX (GX contract)
  • 30-year Bonds (ZB contract)
  • Crude Oil (CL contract)
  • Natural Gas (NG contract)
  • 30-year Bonds (ZB contract)
  • Copper (HG contract)
  • Platinum (PL contract)
  • Gold (GC contract)
  • Silver (SI contract)
  • Corn (ZC contract)
  • Wheat (ZW contract)
  • Soybeans (ZS contract)
  • US Dollar Index (DX contract)
  • Canadian Dollar (6C contract
  • Australian Dollar (6A contract)
  • Euro (6E contract)
  • Cocoa (CC contract)
  • Coffee (KC contract)
  • Sugar (SB contract)
  • Cotton (CT contract)
  • Lean Hogs (LE contract)
  • Live Cattle (LE contract)
  • Lumber (LB contract)
  • Orange Juice (JO contract)

Almost all of those items have at least one ETF equivalent with associated options available.


What items are worth looking at right now?

Currently, there are several tradable items indicating a “Perfect Storm” condition, including, Gold, Silver. Live Cattle, Cocoa, Sugar, and Coffee.  All of those items are currently presenting a BEARISH setup.  Here are the Sentiment Conditions charts on three of those items: Cocoa, Coffee, and Sugar.  Notice that if a current bullish or bearish period of seasonality exists, we also note that on all of our Sentiment Conditions screenshots. (Click on the charts to enlarge).

For more detailed information about the indicators shown on our Sentiment Conditions screenshots, check out the following video from our YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZHT8CFrXEU


Elliott Wave Charts - Sentiment Conditions.Cocoa daily Sentiment
Cocoa Daily Sentiment – Available daily to Premium Plan Subscribers


Elliott Wave Charts - Sentiment Conditions - Coffee Sentiment
Coffee Daily Sentiment – Available daily to Premium Plan Subscribers


Elliott Wave Charts - Sentiment Conditions. Sugar Sentiment
Sugar Daily Sentiment – Available daily to Premium Plan Subscribers


Is Food Inflation Over?

As for the question of inflation, and has it run its course, there is no consistent answer.  While energy has been coming down since March 2022, as you can see from the charts above, food inflation has, in several items, continued aggressive to the upside, and several, especially beef, have been in relatively consistent rallies ever since March 2020.  However, our Sentiment Conditions template is showing that a “Perfect Storm” of bearishness may be forming, indicating that aggressive food inflation may be ending about now, at least for a while.

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