Friendly Reminder – The First Monthly 11-Quarter-Stocks Webinar is Tonight

Friendly Reminder – The First Monthly 11-Quarter-Stocks Webinar is Tonight at 8pm (Chicago time). I’ll be explaining the concept behind the 11-Qtr-Stock Service, and will be showing:

1) examples of winning 11-Qtr-Stocks from the past
2) current issues that have broken out, including price targets
3) current candidates that qualify for purchase
4) candidates that likely will qualify for purchase soon at a specific price
5) the current holdings in our 2014 model portfolio
6) how we will be trading the model portfolio during the first half of 2014, and why
7) how the system can be traded while waiting for stocks to fully qualify as an 11-Qtr-Stock

With most commodities already in a bear markets, and many of the high flying stocks of 2013 at the peak of terminal patterns, there will likely be few choices in 2014 to make solid returns.  Because the 11-Quarter-System has done well historically in both bull and bear markets, we think it well worth considering right now.

The webinar tonight will be recorded and all subscribers will receive access to the recording afterwards, whether in attendance “live” or not.  Curious?  You can subscribe for $25 per month, can cancel at any time, and the first month is 1/2 price.  So, for $12.50, you can find out exactly what this Eleven-Quarter business is all about.  Here’s how to enroll.