Highlights from Sid’s January 10, 2016 “Counts” Webinar – from ElliottWavePredictions.com

Highlights from Sid’s January 10, 2016 “Counts” Webinar, featuring the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P-500 – from ElliottWavePredictions.com.

A week ago, I posted highlights from the January 3 “Counts” webinar, indicating that I thought the week of Jan 4-8 would be a strong down week in the stock markets.  As it turned out, the markets did move strongly to the downside that week.

The video below contains a few highlights from my January 10 “Counts webinar.  In it, I explain the reasons why I thought there would be a small bounce into about Tuesday, January 12, to be followed by strong downward movement.  That prediction, once again, was quite accurate, as the stocks markets recovered slightly, into Tuesday/Wednesday, followed by strong downside continuation.  Click on the graphic below to view the 12-minute video clip . .

1-10-16 Counts Webinar Highlights Thumbnail

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Sid Norris

P.S.  Please don’t make the mistake of placing trades based on the analysis shown in week-old videos!  The reason I’m posting these most recent videos is to show how my directional forecast fared last week.  Elliott Wave interpretation, Fibonacci price targets, and Hurst cycle dates can and do morph.  To receive fresh information from me every Sunday and Wednesday, please subscribe to one of the paid services listed above.  Thanks . .