A History of Sid’s Elliott Wave Counts on Gold (XK Futures Contract), as shown in the “EWP ScreenShots” Service

Here’s a chronology of several Gold charts, exactly as posted by my EWP ScreenShots Service since December of last year:

December 2, 2012 (daily candles):

Gold daily 12-2-12


December 2, 2012 (240 minute candles):

Gold 240m 12-2-12


December 16, 2012 (240m)

Gold 240m 12-16-12


December 30, 2012 (240m)

Gold 240m 12-30-12


January 13, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 1-13-13


January 27, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 1-27-13


February 10, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 2-10-13


February 24, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 2-24-13


March 10, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 3-10-13


March 27, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 3-27-13


April 3, 2013 (240m):

Gold 240m 4-3-13


And finally, a current chart (4-10-13 – 240m), as posted a few minutes ago in my mid-week edition of EWP ScreenShots:

Gold 240m 4-10-13


It is gratifying to know that regular subscribers to both my EWP ScreenShots and Weekly “Counts” Webinars have had the opportunity to gain great benefit from these charts.  For a look at my analysis on Gold going a bit further back, see the May 2012 post.

Side Note:  Some are proclaiming that the precious metals markets are being manipulated by governments to the downside.  If that were correct, how were the forecasts above developed utilizing Elliott Wave?  The Wave Principle, and its constant companion, Fibonacci Relationship Analysis are rooted in nature.  Not to mention, after parabolic manias like the September 2011 top in Gold, large corrections are the norm.

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