Introducing a New Additional Website and Service Offering from Sid:

Introducing a new additional website and service offering from Sid Norris of called  Check out my new FREE 12-minute video explaining the concept behind the new service.


The following is reprinted from the “About” page on the new Eleven Quarter Stocks website:


“  is the work of Sid Norris (me), a long-time investor, trader and technical analyst.  My other website, burst onto the investment scene several years ago, and is now one of the most respected sources around the globe for modern Elliott Wave analysis of the markets.  My methodologies for incorporating additional disciplines like Hurst cycle analysis and interpretations of traditional indicators (like MACD) into Elliott wave counts and predictions has become widely respected among money managers and savvy independent investors alike.

My regular contact with highly active members of the investment community puts me in a unique position to learn about many different investment and trading techniques.  One highly successful stock trader I met in recent years was kind enough to share how well the “Ideal System”, as presented in the 1978 book: “Non-Random Profits” by Ray Hanson and R. Mann had worked for him in actual continuous trading since 1982.

There is a lot to like about the Eleven-Quarter system!  It is technical and specific, so emotions and subjective fundamental leanings are eliminated.  It involves owning actual stock in real companies, sometimes for years at a time, so it is safer and more substantial than trading synthetic instruments like futures or options.  Leverage, or buying on margin is not required or desired, because the best performing issues are highly affordable, typically selling for under $10 per share.  The system does not require a large amount of money to get started.   A person could easily begin with only $5000, investing $500 each in ten different issues.  And finally, constant intra-day attention to positions is not needed, allowing for a higher quality life.

As I said . . there is a lot to like here!”


To kick off the new 11-Qtr-Service offering, I’ve created a free 12-minute video explaining the concept associated with the service.  You can view it by clicking here.  Best of all, the new service is very reasonably priced at $25 per month, and the first month is 1/2 price!

Sid Norris