Nightly Reports

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Premium Plan subscribers now receive access to a nightly executive report (M-F).  Each report covers 20-24 of the most popular trade-able instruments.  Updated daily (after the US markets close), the reports include a current general description of the Elliott wave count and Hurst cycle roadmap, as well as the latest date and directional signal from up to four of our algorithmic trading systems.   These carefully constructed algos produce daily trading signals based on a variety of strategies including commercials vs. retail sentiment, momentum indicator divergence, multi-moving average crossovers, and trend-following.   These signals are best when considered together, which allows for “confirmation-based” trading strategies, which we highly recommend over simple automated trading based on a single algorithmic system!   Timely awareness of current daily automated trading signals alongside our other systems and methods allows subscribers to quickly prioritize among current trading opportunities, and act in a timely fashion.

“Confirmation-Based” Trading Strategies

Nightly Executive Report (M-F)

20-24 of the Most Popular Tradeable Instruments

Nightly Reports

Items currently covered are: S&P-500 (ES), Nasdaq-100 (NQ), Semiconductor Sector Index (SOX), Energy Sector ETF (XLE), Gold Miners ETF (GDX), German DAX (GX), Hang Seng (HS), Emerging Markets ETF (EEM), Junk Bonds ETF (HYG), T-Bonds 30-year (ZB), Crude Oil (CL), Natural Gas (NG), Copper (HG), Gold (GC), Silver (SI), US Dollar Index (DX), USD/JPY, and EUR/USD. This list may change slowly over time, based on subscriber input.