Opportunity to receive rare e-book access to the classic investment text “Non-Random Profits” by Hanson & Mann

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Here’s an opportunity to receive rare e-book access to the classic 1978 investment book “Non-Random Profits” by Ray Hanson & Robert K. Mann.

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All Eleven-Quarter-Stocks subscribers this month will receive a free bonus from one of the authors of Non-Random Profits, Robert K. Mann:   The “Non-Random Profits” in  ebook format!  (Additional research has been added in this e-book edition).  FYI:  Rare original bound editions of the long-out-of-print book typically sell on the internet for over $100.

The June 2014 11-Qtr-System monthly webinar will be Monday, June 23 at 8pm (EDT) (5pm PDT).  This month’s guest speaker will be none other than Robert K. Mann, co-author of the classic 1978 investment book “Non-Random Profits”.  Mr. Mann will be discussing his many decades of experience with the 11-Qtr-System (referred to in the book as the “Ideal System”) in a conversational webinar format with Sid Norris of ElliottWavePredictions.com and ElevenQuarterStocks.com.  Planned topics of conversation include:

  • Why and how the original book was researched and written
  • How many of the “Ideal System” qualifying stocks have fared over the years since the book was written
  • Some of the additional subtleties of trading the 11-Qtr-System
  • The importance of accurately determining the current market position within the 4-year stock market cycle
  • Much more!
  • Webinar attendees will be able to present questions

Only Eleven-Quarter-System subscribers will receive invitations to the webinar, as well as a access to a recording of the webinar afterwards (whether in-attendance “live” or not).  Subscribing to the Eleven-Quarter-System is easy, and is quite affordable!  (The first month is 1/2 price:  only $12.50).  Cancel anytime.  Here’s more info on how to subscribe . .

For more information about Robert K. Mann, here are some of his recently published articles.



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