Elliott Wave Analysis of the EUR/USD Currency Pair by Sid from ElliottWavePredictions.com

Elliott Wave Analysis of the EUR/USD Currency Pair by Sid from ElliottWavePredictions.com. Click on the chart twice to enlarge.

If the Euro moves below 1.37951, this will be the final confirmation in my opinion that Wave 3 blue within wave 3 black is underway. Within wave 1 blue, the fibonacci relationship where wave 5 pink was .618 times the net traveled by waves 1 through 3 pink lends confidence to this count. If the Euro is carving out an expanded flat for wave 2 blue, and the chances of that have diminished considerably since wave B has now moved well past 1.3821 X A, the max it can go is 1.37951, which is 2X wave A.

This is after all, what gives every appearance of being a wave 3 at intermediate degree, so its unlikely to pause much for additional passengers to climb aboard.

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