Recap of the last two Weekend “Counts” Webinars by Sid from

Here are a few of the predictions and observations presented druring  my last two live Sunday webinars (Feb 5 & 12):

1)  I’ve been pounding the table the last two webinars that the best opportunity at the moment right now was in currencies, because of a technical expectation of renewed US Dollar strength.  Of the major currency pairs, I felt that the USD/JPY pair was the best opportunity, and revealed an expectation for the pair to establish a new long-term uptrend.  The pair had retraced once again back down into the same 75.5 – 77 zone where the Bank of Japan had intervened on at least three occassions over the past year to aggressively push the pair upwards.  I personally took a long position at 76.2, and am currently 340 pips into profit.  

2)  Additionally, based on the Elliott Wave Count and other indicators as well as a fundamental expectation for resumed US Dollar strength, I stated that Precious Metals were due for a  period of weakness.  This idea turned out to be very slow to gain momentum, but there has been a bit of downward movement. However, the down move so far has been choppy, so caution is warranted, especially with the money printing contest going on between Central Banks worldwide.   

3) I felt that the recent aggressive up move in Copper was a terminal thrust out of a triangle, and would likely be completely retraced.  Since that call, Copper is down over 5%.

4)  Also, I explained that although a downturn was overdue in US equities, shorting these indices had been a losing proposition ever since the flash crash, and that less risky opportunities were available rather than trying over and over to short US equities, as many followers of mainstream Elliott Wave theory appear to be obsessed with doing.  (As a former obsessee, I speak from experience.)

There are always many other additional concepts revealed, including my main and alternate, long, intermediate, and short-term Elliott Wave counts, and Fibonacci targets for the world’s major stock markets, commodities, and currencies.  So, while my free-access-posts on this site have been primarily related to the S&P-500 and Dow Industrials, it is during my 2-3 hour live (and recorded) webinars where a much fuller picture and best resulting ideas are revealed.  Please consider joining me for the next webinar. Here’s how. All enrollees will automatically receive access to the recording immediately afterwards, whether in attendance live or not.