Sid’s new website, is the only way to subscribe to his weekly “Counts” webinars and twice-per-week EWP Screenshots starting April 10, 2017

Important Notice:  Sid’s new website, is the only way to subscribe to his Weekly “Counts” Webinars and twice-per-week EWP Screenshots (starting April 10, 2017). is a huge improvement over!

  • All paid subscribers can now log in to the subscriber area, where one full month of Webinar and ScreenShots history is available all the time.
  • Any and all Screenshots are downloadable directly from the new site.
  • Indexed Webinar recordings are utilized.  This allows subscribers to immediately jump directly to Sid’s video coverage of any specific item by clicking on a pop-up list inside the video.
  • Once logged in, subscribers can easily control their subscription inside their “Dashboard”, including upgrading, suspending,  or canceling at any time.
  • Educational and support materials available for subscribers at the new site will be upgraded regularly.  For instance, extensive use of a retail trader sentiment (DSI) chart indicator was added in March 2017.

One thing that will not be available at the new site is one-week-at-a-time subscriptions.  Subscriptions at the new site are monthly or annual, and auto-renew until cancellation.  To those of you who occasionally subscribed to a week here or a week there since Sid started EWP in February 2011, thank you!  I hope you will consider a regular recurring subscription at moving forward.

P.S.  Virtually every weekend “Counts” webinar is on Sunday, at 9am US Central Time.  However, this coming weekend’s “Counts” webinar will be held on Saturday, April 15, instead of Sunday April 16.  We hope you can attend!