Thrift Savings Plan TSP

Thrift Savings Plan | TSP Charts. Elliott Wave Plus is now providing weekly coverage on TSP funds (Thrift Savings Plan). Investing in TSP funds doesn’t have to be passive. Being aware of each fund’s current condition is critical when trying to decide where to invest. We have started charting the five core funds offered in the Thrift Savings Plan and are including two bonus charts each week to help the TSP participants have a broader picture of the overall market. Every week, Elliott Wave Plus will post these charts to the website under the current Trend Plan subscription. Subscribers will receive everything our Trend Plan has to offer, but will also receive the following:VOO – Vanguard S&P-500 VXF – Extended Market Index (small & midsize stocks)VEA – Markets around the globeBND – Total Bond Market VGSH – Short-Term Treasury

The Premium Plan consists of:
Nightly screenshots on over 20 trading instruments (stock index futures, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc.), showing the most recent momentum buy/sell signals, change stop to trailing indicators, and/or exit trade suggestions. Please visit to see the full list of items covered.
Sentiment positioning on all items that contain sentiment data.
A nightly summary report including algo signals, sentiment conditions, Sid’s Elliott wave roadmap, and Hurst Cycle analysis on twenty items.
A nightly email letting subscribers know that today’s signals are available to view and download.
You’ll also be able to download a sortable excel spreadsheet showing the most recent 3-year backtest results. This sortable chart shows everything!