The Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar

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3-year Back-Tested AMA Algo Statistics Spreadhseet 

Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar 1-17-20. During this free webinar, we cover multiple topics such as:

The different levels of services offered at (Crypto Plan, Basic Plan, Pro Plan, and our Premium Plan), How to navigate within our website, Helping yourself to our Resources, Our Blog and how to use it, How to utilize our top-tier service – The Premium Plan.

We also show our January, 2020 sort-able excel spreadsheet, which provides back-test statistics on our Elliott Wave Plus AMA Algorithms over the past 3 years. Download the spreadsheet: download here.

The items covered on the spreadsheet are the DJIA, S&P-500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, Semiconductor Index, VIX, Energy Sectors, Financial Sectors, Gold Miners (NUGT & DUST), German DAX, T-Notes, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Currencies, and Bitcoin.

You can sort each category by number of trades, number of winners, number of losers, average winner, average loser, winning percentage, net profit, return on investment, account size required, consecutive wins, consecutive losses, max draw down, fixed stop amount, and trailing stop amount. Please visit for free content and more information.

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