Why Our Trading System is Superior to Others

A Two-Hour Comprehensive Overview with Complimentary Spreadsheet

Elliott Wave Plus


What do we cover in this video and post?

  • Elliott Wave Plus website resources and offerings
  • What instruments we cover (there’s a lot)
  • Sentiment Conditions charts
  • How Hurst Cycle Analysis helps the timing of your trades
  • Proprietary Algo Signals – 3-year backtest results
  • Why our combination of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Hurst Cycles and Sentiment Conditions is a superior method
  • A detailed inside look at specific stocks, sectors, bonds, currencies, and more…


Why Our Trading System Superior?

Using Elliott wave analysis to assist in trading decisions can be tricky business. It’s easy for personal bias to stealthily enter into wave counts!  We avoid directional bias by utilizing a combination of dissimilar but robust technical analysis tools and have developed a mix of the specific tools most likely to provide timely trading setups.  Our unique combination of Elliott Wave theory, Hurst Cycles, sentiment conditions, seasonality, volume signatures, and more helps us provide timely and actionable information to our subscribers. Elliott Wave Plus provides our proprietary technical analysis on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P-500, NASDAQ, multiple sectors, precious metals, bonds, currencies, ETFs and more.


Webinar Video

Here’s a complimentary video explaining our entire system. This is a comprehensive overview, including a Q&A with the many participants who joined us for the event:


Algo Spreadsheet Available for Download

Interested in what our Premium Plan has to offer? If you would like to look at our Proprietary Algo 3-year backtest results, click the link below:

Sortable Spreadsheet – January 2023


Additional Information and Offers

Want to learn more about Hurst Cycle analysis? Visit ElliottWavePlus.com and look under our Resources tab. You can also check out Sentient Trader who covers this topic in-depth.

Want to become a subscriber? Email [email protected] and mention this blog. If you’ve never subscribed before, we’ll make sure you receive a 50% refund on your first month, no matter which subscription level you choose.



“Hi Sid…I’ve been looking for an excuse for a while to pay you a well-deserved compliment. I find your insight on the markets to be SPOT ON and continue to make good money following your expert guidance. Just recently retiring myself, I feel confident that my nest egg is safe and in the position to grow (exponentially) with your guidance. I’ve tried a lot of trading services in the past, and find you to be an exception to ALL of them in quality of material, integrity and transparency, and feel no reason to ever look elsewhere.” – K.B.


“One of the traders in my group told me she attended and loved your webinar! She has been spending time reviewing my notes and saved screen shots from previous EWP webinars and comparing them to my past trades made during the week following webinar. Her comment to me today: EWP at first glance, appears to be too good to be true. But after reviewing the successful trades you made based on EWP, it becomes even more unbelievable!” – W.H.


Click here for many more testimonials spanning the last ten plus years.