Why Use the Wave Principle?

Recommended Guest Video by Wayne Gorman of Elliott Wave International:

Why Use the Wave Principle?

Time and again, we see that what financial news writers call causes, really aren’t causes at all; they’re just another clever way to meet a daily word count.

You see, the way the news plays it, one day a scandal causes stocks to fall; the next day, the scandal somehow attributes to their rise. The formula is mixed, repeatedly unproven and most of the time dead wrong.

In this video, Senior Tutorial Instructor Wayne Gorman uses real headlines, actual events and charts to provide a comprehensive look at what the financial media say drives the markets and why their “fundamentals” are usually wrong. And more importantly, you’ll learn why Elliott wave analysis is your best tool for forecasting the markets.  Click on the graphic below to watch the educational video:



Sid’s Elliott Wave 101:

If you’re looking for a true beginners video guide on Elliott Wave Theory, check out Sid’s Elliott Wave 101. This one-hour educational video shows the rules, guidelines, and patterns of Elliott Wave. Bonus topics include labeling the waves, drawing R.N. Elliott trendlines, and setting the most common Fibonacci price targets. Presented by Sid Norris, of Elliott Wave Plus.