Elliott Wave Plus – Testimonials

Elliott Wave Plus Testimonials

Lots of glowing testimonials have been pouring in at ElliottWavePlus.com.  I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone around the globe who has supported my work.

Here’s a video highlighting some of the recent testimonials:


“I’ve been trading these markets (and subscribing to professional services) for more than forty years and find your work and resulting forecasts, targets, objectives, etc. to be free of personal bias, and remarkably accurate.  That is why I continue to subscribe.  Well done.” – W.M.  September 2019

“Just want to thank you creating a service that is exceptional. I trade for a living , and you are indispensable. Thanks in part to you, I had a remarkable summer of trading , booking more than $220,000 in profits since May. Keep up the great work and know that you are making a huge difference in people’s lives!” – J.F.  August 2019

“You’ve just gotten yourself a client for life!  What a day … flat now, but pulled out over $50k … mostly on AAPL, MSFT and SPY puts that I bought last Tuesday. Had to suffer some heat on Wednesday last week before the bottom fell out and even got out a bit early today {Monday, Aug 5}, but hit the cash register hard!  So no complaints and it was all greatly influenced by your work.  Thanks big time Sid.  These days are super fun … as long as you are on the right side of the market … have been on the other side before and that is NOT fun.” –  D.M.  August 2019

“Elliott Wave Plus is, in my opinion, the best Elliott Wave-based market forecasting service in existence. The accuracy difference comes from Sid’s uncanny ability to properly interpret Hurst Cycle Analysis, and incorporate it into his wave counts.  I’ve greatly enjoyed Sid’s advice for three years now, and his service just gets better and better! I believe Elliott Wave Plus is many times better than that other well-known Elliott Wave competitor who only utilizes Elliott Wave, but no Hurst Cycles!  I personally know this because I used to subscribe to those other guys for a number of years.  Sid’s weekly “Counts” webinar is the highlight of my week and he always takes time to answer all participant’s questions in an non-political, honest and understandable fashion. I’ve learned lifetime trading and investing skills from Sid.” – G.B.  July 2019

“Hi Sid, {Y.G.} here. As you know, I’m a long time subscriber with a keen interest in gold. Just taking a moment to thank you for the guidance on precious metals and to acknowledge your accurate forecasts over the past 6 months. I layered-in JNUG positions throughout the month of May and closed out yesterday, for a $30,000 profit! Keep up the great work and I appreciate all that you do. Kindest regards” – Y.G. June 2019

“Sid, Just a quick note from a long-term subscriber to let you know how much I appreciate your work, insight and dedication to excellence. Thank you and regards.” – W.M. June 2019

“Dear Sid, I’ve been meaning to write you a note for a while. I’m a fairly new subscriber, and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos, analysis, and services. You were highly recommended by a friend in an online trading group, and it’s been a pleasure watching your work take shape week by week with the videos, and night by night with the algo reports. I used to belong to another service which focused on nothing but Elliott Waves, which honestly doesn’t amount to much more than a “guess” the way they did it. They were constantly steering people wrong, and always caught flat-footed at major turns. The final straw was Dec/Jan when they were still counting on one more low for weeks after the reversal, so that I (and many other gullible subscribers) totally missed out on the bulk of the big move up. And worse, lost money on put options expecting another drop because “they said so”. Needless to say, I was very happy to find you. I really like how you combine different methods to get a better overall picture of a chart – EW theory, Hurst cycles, indicators, and my favorite – commercial vs. retail sentiment. I also like how frank and open you are with your formulas. I’ve adopted the AMA, Bressert, and Synthetic {Retail Sentiment} into my own charts and find them very helpful in combination. On many stocks, I find that the default parameters work great even without extensive back-testing. But the proof is in the pudding, and my “pudding” is up 20% since the beginning of May. The amazing thing is how effortless it’s been, just being patient and using the daily/weekly charts. Buy/Sell on the open or close, no need for stressful day-trading, no constant second-guessing. I’ve been trading a mix of metals, miners, some index/sector ETFs, and a handful of individual stocks. Mostly regular shares, and sometimes options (no futures). Most of my trades come straight from your charts, but I’m starting to regain enough confidence to trade my own items too (e.g. recently took trades in SNH and TTOO). It’s your patience and methodology that’s important, and I’m learning a lot – so thank you!” – R.P.  June 2019

How to Subscribe

Please consider a subscription!  Just head over to Elliott Wave Plus and be sure to check out the free resources.  If you have questions regarding subscription, please email me at [email protected].  Thanks for reading.

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