Sid’s Highly Accurate Call on GDX during the April 4, 2017 Weekly “Counts” Webinar

Each week, Sid Norris of holds a Sunday webinar for “Pro Plan” subscribers.  During the session, he presents his Elliott Wave counts and associated Fibonacci price targets for many of the world’s major stock markets, commodities, currencies, and bonds.  Hurst cycle analysis and retail trader sentiment are also strongly considered.  Screenshots of all the items he covers are provided to both Pro-Plan and Basic-Plan subscribers twice each week.

The following video clip shows Sid’s coverage of the gold miners ETF (GDX) during his April 2, 2017, weekly “Counts” Webinar.  Sid suggested that there would be upward movement in GDX, but only to a specific price zone through mid-April, to be followed by a strong move lower.  Suffice it to say, this was NOT what the great majority of traders were expecting at the time.  Here’s the call:


This video clip illustrates how paid subscribers at benefit from Sid’s approach of combining Hurst cycle analysis with Elliott Wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets.  Trader sentiment is also strongly considered.