Thoughts on the Current State of the Stock Market (and other stuff) – A blog post by Sid Norris from

Without further ado, here are the current combined Hurst projections on several items of interest:
1) US Stock Market: a major top in late 2017 is expected, to be followed by an ABC correction through the year 2024. (And no, I haven’t called the top yet like those super blogging, email blasting, google search manipulators! (-:) From an Elliott Wave perspective, the 5-wave impulse up from the March 2009 low is likely to end soon, though. That bull market will have lasted about 8.5 years, so even if the 2009-2017 bull was a very bullish cycle-degree wave 1 (my main count), a multi-year (cycle-degree) correction would be next.

Sid’s Technical Take on the Long-Term Expectations for the Hang Seng Index ( HSIX / HKHI )

With U.S. stocks in nose-bleed territory, many money managers are smartly on the lookout for investment alternatives.  The Hang Seng appears to be a decent intermediate-term option in my opinion.  By combining Hurst Cycle Analysis and Elliott Wave, I’ve developed the roadmap below. Since the October 2011 (Burgundy B) low, which, by the way, was the US stock market low since […]