The September Sortable Algo Spreadsheet

The September Sortable Algo Spreadsheet

The Results Are In!

Over the past couple of years, we have developed algorithms that provide momentum-based trading signals on over forty items. We publish three-year backtest results of the algo on those 40 items monthly in the form of a sortable, downloadable spreadsheet. Traders can sort the spreadsheet in several ways, ranking tradeable items by Total Net Profit, Winning Percentage, Account Size Required, Maximum Drawdown, Most Consecutive Wins/Losses, etc…

We also narrow down the twenty best (on balance) items for trading, and provide trade signals as well as trade management instructions to Premium Plan subscribers on those 20 items every evening.  Subscribers have access to a nightly report in downloadable PDF format showing a summary of all current signals.  They also receive nightly Algo screenshots of each item, as well as charts showing the current sentiment conditions/spread.

Here’s an example of the DJIA YM Algo screenshot from September 27 (EOD):

All Premium Plan subscribers also receive full access to our twice-per-week EWP Screenshots, and Sid’s weekly “Counts” webinar, both live and recorded.  Those products include Sid’s detailed analysis on many tradeable items, and feature combined Elliott Wave and Hurst Cycle analysis.  Fibonacci price targets, AND projected turn dates are included on Sid’s charts.

Many of our Premium Plan subscribers prefer to only “take” Premium Plan (momentum algo) trade signals if Sid’s combined Elliot Wave/Hurst Cycle analysis is in agreement with the direction of the signal, and projects trend continuation for at least several more days. Using our momentum-based trading-signals as entry confirmation in harmony with Sid’s unique technical analysis gives traders additional confidence, and keeps them from over-trading during sideways price consolidations.  And the best part?  All of this valuable information can be gleaned in just a few minutes each evening (M-F).  This saves Premium Plan subscribers a ton of time in comparison with most other trading methods.

Screenshot of this month’s sortable spreadsheet:

Click Here to Download the Excel file:   September Sortable Excel Spreadsheet


“Hey Sid,  Yes . . . Count me in as a subscriber to your new service.  Impressive display of results today!  I’m quite confident it will pick out some incredibly profitable trades, so I look forward to receiving those {nightly} alerts as well.” – D.J  Sept 2017

“Just want to thank you creating a service that is exceptional. I trade for a living , and yoMau are indispensable. Thanks in part to you, I had a remarkable summer of trading , booking more than $220,000 in profits since May. Keep up the great work and know that you are making a huge difference in people’s lives!” – J.F. August 2019

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How to Subscribe

Please consider a subscription!  Just head over to Elliott Wave Plus and be sure to check out the free resources.  If you have questions regarding subscription, please email me at [email protected].  Thanks for reading.

Sid Norris