Trading Gold with Precision Timing!

Trading Gold with Precision Timing!

In late May of 2019, while other market forecasting services were suggesting that gold would continue further to the downside, Sid was bullish.  Those other forecasters remained bearish until gold broke out above its 2016 high.  What good did that do anyone?  Now, with gold only about 5% percent above that 2016 high, those other guys are very bearish on gold once again. Why? Because Elliott Wave theory, when used alone, is dangerously subjective. However, when Elliott Wave is combined with a dissimilar but equally robust methodology (like Hurst Cycle Analysis), a different forward roadmap often emerges.

Check out this video of Sid’s May 2019 call that predicted the recent huge move up in gold:

Wow, That Was Easy!  Right?

Is it easy to combine Elliott and Hurst? No! It takes years of experience with both methodologies  to derive high-confidence market forecasts. That’s exactly what we do here at Elliott Wave Plus.

Check out these recent testimonials:

“Hi Sid, {Y.G.} here. As you know, I’m a long time subscriber with a keen interest in gold. Just taking a moment to thank you for the guidance on precious metals and to acknowledge your accurate forecasts over the past 6 months. I layered-in JNUG positions throughout the month of May and closed out yesterday, for a $30,000 profit! Keep up the great work and I appreciate all that you do. Kindest regards.”    – Y.G.  June 2019

“Sid, You have done an amazing job with your calls the past few months.  Your ability to read the Hurst tea leaves is incredible.   Really well done.”   – P.T.  May 2019

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Sid Norris