Trading the DOW with Precision Timing!

Trading the DOW with Precision Timing!

In early June, Sid projected a road map for the DOW, calling for an early June bottom and a late July top. Check out this video including excerpts from Sid’s June 2 and June 9, 2019 webinars, which included amazingly accurate calls for the recent multi-week swing low and swing high in the DJIA:

Using Elliott Wave Analysis and its associated Fibonacci price targets, combined with Hurst Cycle Analysis, the recent swings in the market were projected in advance. Many subscribers were able to make huge profits during both the bullish and bearish trends over the past couple of months.

Here’s some recent testimonials from a relatively new subscriber:

“Sid, you’ve just gotten yourself a client for life!  What a day … flat now, but pulled out over $50k … mostly on AAPL, MSFT and SPY puts that I bought last Tuesday. Had to suffer some heat on Wednesday last week before the bottom fell out and even got out a bit early today {Monday, Aug 5}, but hit the cash register hard!  So no complaints and it was all greatly influenced by your work.  Thanks big time Sid.  These days are super fun … as long as you are on the right side of the market … have been on the other side before and that is NOT fun.  – D.M. August 5, 2019

“Is scary how good it has been …was amazed you called the sharp rally after a low being make Monday/Tuesday …then within just 3 points of the top of the rally yesterday, then the floor collapsed and it looks like we keep going to mid Sept …….whatever you are doing please keep it up ….this makes the market fun to be in when you have a road map of what is coming up next …..its nice to get out of winners (PUTS) on the dips and then re-buy them on a sharp rally and have them pay off big time within a few hours ….Thanks again Sid” – D.M. August 14, 2019

How to Subscribe

Please consider a subscription!  Just head over to Elliott Wave Plus and be sure to check out the free resources.  If you have questions regarding subscription, please email me at [email protected].  Thanks for reading.

Sid Norris