Who Could Have Predicted This Huge Down Move In The Market?

Who Could Have Predicted This Huge Down Move In The Market?

The Stock Market:

On November 15, 2019, the S&P-500 reached 3120 for the first time ever. For the next 63 trading days, the S&P continued relentlessly higher, topping on Feb 19 at 3393. Just four days later, the S&P was back down to 3120, almost instantly erasing three full months of gains! Nobody could have seen that coming ahead of time, could they? We know of at least one person who did.


Here is a screenshot from the February 19 edition of Sid’s Weekly Screenshots. All Basic, Pro, & Premium Plan members received this exact chart. None of the markings on the chart have been changed. (click on the charts to enlarge)

Here’s the screenshot from the Sunday, February 23 Webinar.  Notice Sid’s continued expectation of a large, quick move to the downside:

And here’s a screenshot of what happened through mid-day Wednesday, Feb 26:


Based on a number factors including Elliott wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets, Hurst cycles, sentiment extremes, and multi-timeframe momentum divergence, Sid predicted that a huge move to the downside was imminent.  Had traders entered into a short position, even a few days or weeks early, they would be in the green now, big time.

Some of the extreme conditions were shown in recent free blog posts:

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