Elliott Wave Plus Premium Plan Algos

Another quarter has gone by, which means it’s time for Elliott Wave Plus to reoptimize our proprietary algos to the most current 3-year backtest results. In this blog, you will see the everything our Premium Plan subscribers have access to on a nightly basis.

The Premium Plan consists of:
Nightly screenshots on over 20 trading instruments (stock index futures, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc.), showing the most recent momentum buy/sell signals, change stop to trailing indicators, and/or exit trade suggestions. Please visit ElliottWavePlus.com to see the full list of items covered.
Sentiment positioning on all items that contain sentiment data.
A nightly summary report including algo signals, sentiment conditions, Sid’s Elliott wave roadmap, and Hurst Cycle analysis on twenty items.
A nightly email letting subscribers know that today’s signals are available to view and download.
You’ll also be able to download a sortable excel spreadsheet showing the most recent 3-year backtest results. This sortable chart shows everything!

Inside Look at our Automated Trade Signals

Time flies!  We just crossed over into the second quarter of 2021, and that means we just completed our quarterly updates to our automated momentum algos.  Moving forward, the nightly trade signals (produced on all twenty three covered items) will be based on updated backtesting and optimization, to the last three years of data. Premium Plan subscribers receive nightly algo screenshots on all 23 items, and a summary PDF showing the latest algo signals (buy & sell), trade management (stop, trailing stop & exits), commercials vs. retail sentiment positioning, Elliott Wave count, and Hurst Cycle analysis. Visit ElliottWavePlus.com to see the items covered in the Premium Plan, or see for yourself with our sortable Excel spreadsheet.Sortable Excel SpreadsheetBelow is a link to our downloadable spreadsheet, which includes the current 3-year backtest results on all items covered in the Premium Plan at Elliott Wave Plus. Within the table, you can sort by ROI, account size required, maximum closed-out drawdown, winning percentage, net profit, etc.  Download and play with the spreadsheet using the link below.April 2021 sortable excel spreadsheet.Algo Signals – Our 3 year backtest resultsAs always, Elliott Wave Plus held a quarterly webinar explaining our propriety automated trading system, and how subscribers can best utilize our services.  During the webinar, Sid goes into detail about the most successfully traded items over the past 3 years, as well as many aspects about how the algo was built and produces signals.  Watch the video below, and please consider subscribing to our Youtube channel if you enjoy this free content.

Educational Course: Fibonacci Price Targets

Our friends at Elliott Wave International have allowed us to share some excellent education content with our subscribers! We are happy to share one of their most popular courses, for free. The 4-hour course teaches traders how to use Fibonacci levels to trade with more confidence. We use Fibonacci price targets extensively in our analysis to form our Elliott Wave counts, and we think you should, too.

The Fibonacci sequence provides the mathematical basis of the Elliott Wave Principle. The stock market’s price pattern builds fractally into similar patterns of increasing size. Familiarity with these patterns can prove incredibly useful to investors.

In the course, you’ll learn this and more:

How the Golden Ratio can help you see trading opportunities.
What the most important Fibonacci relationships are.
How Fibonacci relationships can help add confidence to your wave count.
How to project valuable time and price targets using Fibonacci dividers.

All About Our Premium Plan Automated Trade Signals

We’ve made significant improvements to our Premium Plan algorithmic trade signals. Our 3-year back-testing and re-optimization, and algo enhancements has been completed for Dec 1 2017 thru Dec 31 2020, and the results may surprise you!  Every quarter, Elliott Wave Plus performs extensive re-coding and backtesting on all aspects of our proprietary algos. We then produce those backtest results via a sort-able excel spreadsheet, which is free and downloadable for everyone. A link to download the spreadsheet is provided below. Also, Sid just held an hour long webinar entitled “All About Our Premium Plan Automated Trade Signals”. This in-depth recording covers everything you need to know about our flagship subscription offering, and how to best utilize the nightly information provided to subscribers.  This is a great tutorial for both new & long-time subscribers! Check out the video and download the spreadsheet.

Trend Following vs Algo Trading

Every Elliott Wave Plus subscriber receives our trend following charts each night following the close of the U.S stock market. We believe that these trend charts are valuable trading tools, and everyone should be aware of them. But does that make it a perfect system? The short answer is…no.

We take a look at our Daily Trend Report charts in direct comparison to our Nightly Algo trade signals. They might look similar, but the Algo signals have one major advantage. You’ll see why in the video below, which is an excerpt of the previous week’s webinar. Premium Plan subscribers receive the Nightly Algo Report every evening, as well as weekly access to Sid’s Elliott Wave “counts” webinar, bi-weekly screenshots, and the Daily Trend Report. 

Trading Using Elliott Wave – Technical Analysis on Baltic Dry Index – Shipping Sector

Trading Using Elliott Wave

Elliott Wave Plus took a deeper look at Baltic Dry Index during the November 8, 2020 weekly-webinar. Pro Plan subscribers were pleased to see an immediate jump, specifically in the shipping sector just one day after the webinar. Check out the excerpt below. Be sure to subscribe for more in-depth technical analysis. Below is a list of items routinely covered by ElliottWavePlus.com. Check out our other resources on educational Elliott Wave trading.

Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar – October 2020 | A Look at our Algo Signals

We have reoptimized our algo trade signals! Every quarter, we record a webinar that gives everyone an inside look at our Premium Plan Nightly Algo Report, which includes nightly conditions on dozens of tradable items.  The link below will allow you to download our algo-stats sortable Excel spreadsheet so you can see the backtest and optimization results for yourself. All aspects of the Premium Plan are covered in the webinar recording, and Sid adds additional detail about current market conditions, important future trading dates, and much more. Check out the video and feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested in receiving the Nightly Algo Report.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wave Counting | Educational Video

The following educational presentation was recorded live during a Synergy Traders / TimingResearch.com event held on August 4, 2020. In the one-hour video, Sid Norris of ElliottWavePlus.com focuses on multiple time-frame Dow Jones Industrial Average charts, and shows beginners/intermediates how to develop an Elliott wave count, while using Fibonacci relationships between waves to assist in labeling.