Elliott Wave Hub Event

Stock Trading with Monitors

Another bi-annual Elliott Wave Hub Event is in the books, and Sid Norris was the first presenter of the day, February 13, 2024. During his presentation, Sid offered a glimpse of what we provide subscribers inside our four different levels of service.  He also showed his current Elliott Wave counts and associated Fibonacci price targets on the Dow Jones Industrials. Transports, and Utilities, as well as the S&P-500, XLF financials, GDX gold miners, and a Hurst Cycle analysis of the US Dollar Index.   The markets are at or near a protentional turning point!  A special, limited time offer was also presented for new subscribers.

Elliott Wave Hub Presentation

Stock Trading with Monitors

During this presentation, Sid showed his current wave counts on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P-500, Bonds, and Gold. 

Why Our Trading System is Superior to Others

We avoid directional bias by utilizing a combination of dissimilar but robust technical analysis tools and have developed a mix of the specific tools most likely to provide timely trading setups.  

The Stock Market is Entering 2023 at a Critical Juncture 

The Stock Market Is Entering 2023 At A Critical Juncture
There is a cluster of three large-degree Fibonacci targets that suggest that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has not completed 5-waves up from the 1932, 1974 & 2009 lows yet.
The March 2020 low was an intermediate-degree (black) wave 4 low.  There are two potential ways the market can finish a 5-wave structure up from that low.
Shorter-term, I’ve been tracking three potential wave counts for the S&P-500. The market could eliminate up to two of those counts during the first few weeks of the new year.
Our method of combining Elliott wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets, Hurst cycle analysis, sentiment extremes, momentum, volume signatures and more provide higher confidence trading forecasts than Elliott wave theory when used alone.

What’s Driving the Markets this Year? 

What’s been driving the markets this year? If your market research consists primarily of watching financial television channels, you’d swear that the Fed must be controlling all market movements like it was a puppet master!  The vast majority of TV pundits will answer questions about where the market is going next with at least some mention of the Fed.  Let’s look at all the Fed’s rate changes so far this year to see if they are producing consistent buy or sell signals for investors and traders.

How to Utilize Elliott Wave Plus

Welcome to the October 2022 Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar.  These quarterly events are Elliott Wave Plus’s most anticipated events. Our current subscribers find these recording extremely useful, as do our free visitors at ElliottWavePlus.com.  This video and blog will show how to best utilize our service offerings here at Elliott Wave Plus and will help new subscribers decide which subscription tier is right for them.

Quarterly Premium Plan Webinar and Sortable Spreadsheet – Aug 4, 2022

We believe our sentiment condition screenshots are so amazingly valuable to traders, we wanted to spend some time showing viewers how to read those charts, and how to utilize them in your trading. These charts show DSI (retail positioning), and multiple measures of commercials (the producers/hedgers) positioning. As we all know, retail traders are notoriously positioned on the wrong side of trade at major turns. Knowing retail vs commercial is crucial when timing your trades.

Gold Mining Stocks – GDX Traded with Precision Timing

On March 28, 2021, Sid published the above chart of GDX for Elliott Wave Plus Basic Plan, Pro Plan, and Premium Plan subscribers:

Sid’s roadmap had GDX ready to bottom in early April, rally through late May, and then pull back sharply into a large Hurst cycle trough due in mid-August. His late-March 2021 main Elliott wave count predicted that the correction that had been underway in GDX since the early August 2020 high would eventually unfold as a WXYXZ triple zig-zag, likely ending in mid-August 2021, in harmony with the Hurst cycle analysis at the time.

The chart below is a current GDX weekly (through Sept 13, 2021):
This has been our challenge at Elliott Wave Plus, and we have alerted subscribers to several buying opportunities in undervalued sectors on the verge of ripping higher over the past year. We have posted YouTube videos of a couple of these timely alerts over the past year.
The first was our call to buy XLE (the large cap oil companies) in late October 2020. (See the post and video here). XLE more than doubled over the following 4.5 months. At the time that we made that call, famous talking heads on financial propaganda TV were vehemently recommending avoiding the sector. The second was our call to buy stocks in the shipping sector in early November 2020. (See the post and video on the shipping sector here.) Many, many stocks in that sector have more than doubled since then as well. In both examples, the sectors were at exceptionally low junctures after being beaten down for an extended period, and almost no one was talking about them.
In this post, we will show you another sector buying opportunity that we pointed out to subscribers in late March of this year. GDX (the Gold Miners ETF) has been up as much as 16+% so far since our mid-week (March 31) EWP ScreenShot (for Basic Plan and up subscribers) suggested an imminent turn to the upside. That suggestion that GDX would rally came after the precious metals sector endured seven long months of downside chop. Many of the companies in this recently neglected sector have been nicely profitable all through that multi-quarter correction, so bargain valuations have been easier to find here than in most other sectors.
The question is, does this rally have legs, or is it already done? There are many technical aspects we are actively looking at for clues, including a potential bullish 1-2-1-2 wave count from the early-March low, combined with the expectation of future peak and trough dates based on Hurst cycle analysis. We will keep our subscribers aware of our projected future roadmaps on GDX in addition to many tradable items with EWP ScreenShots of our analysis every Sunday and Wednesday (Basic Plan), as well a multi-hour weekly Sunday video (Pro Plan), excerpts of which were used to produce the YouTube video featured in this post.
Also shown in the attached video is a potential trade signal and associated multi-indicator setup produced by our proprietary momentum algo on GDX. Our Premium Plan provides screenshots and automated momentum trade signals on twenty popular items every night. Many of our subscribers use these nightly signals as confirmation of our proprietary analysis based on a combination of Elliott wave and its associated Fibonacci price targets, as well as Hurst cycle analysis.